To annonymously report to Saksey from your Android smart phone

1. Downloading “I SAW IT” application from Google Play

Click on icon to open the Google Play application.

Type (without double quotes and spaces) or “I SAW IT” (with double quotes) in search box, then press on "Search" button.

Then I SAW IT App will be shown as the following, click on it and then in the next screen, click on “Install”.


Click on “Accept” button, then wait for downloading and installing finished.


2. Connecting to

When Installation is completed, find the “I SAW IT” App and then open it.

Fill in the address of website: and then click on "ដាក់ស្នើ" button to connect to server of


It will take sometimes to download logo and topics on which you can report annonymously from this app.

When downloading is completed, the list of topics will be shown.


3. Viewing Report and Report Detial

Here you can view reports in each topic by clicking on “Report List” button. When the List of reports page is shown, you can scroll down to see more reports in each topic.


Click on each report to see the detail of the report and to add your comments on that report.


4. Submitting comment

To add your comment on the report. Simply type your comment in “Add your comment here!” then click on “Submit” button to submit your comment.

In case you see a note of “Note: Comments under this report needs to be approved before being shown.”. It means that the comments that you have just submitted will not shown immediately. It will be displayed whenever administrator of the topic has approved.


5. Submitting report in a topic

Click on “Submit Report” button. Then Submit Report page will be shown. You can submit a report with video, audio or image or without media (text only).


For instance, To submit a report with Image:

Click on image button then a dialog will be shown. Click on “Camera” button to take a picture or on “Gallery” button to select your existing picture from the gallery.


Once the media file is attached, please fill in the title of the report and the description of the situation.

Location is automatically detected by using GPS. If you want to change your location then click on “yes” button then it will change to “No” button and fill in your location manually.

Then Click on the button “Submit" to submit your report.

Notice: If there is no Internet connection, you also can submit your report. It will be stored in your phone as an off-line report, whenever the Internet connection exists, all off-line reports will be uploaded automatically into server.


After your report is submitted successfully, it will be shown in the list of reports page.

Notice that the note of "Note: Reports under this topic needs to be approved before being show." means that the reports need to be approved by administrator of the topic before being displayed in the list of reports page. So the current submitted report will not be shown immediately but after got approval from administrator of the topic.

6. Setting favorite topic

In “I SAW IT” App, you can set topics as your favorite topics by click on the star sign on the top-right corner of each topic.

You can also view a list of your favorite topics by click on “My Topics”.


7. Changing language

This application also allows you to change language from Khmer to English and vice-versa.

Click on then select the language you want to change to.

After that the interface of application will be changed to selected language.